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Application Procedures

How Does Tin Ka Ping Foundation Support?

Proposal Concept Note

Organizations interested in applying for our funding should submit a one-page proposal concept note by email or mail. We accept concept notes throughout the year in order to accommodate needs with flexibility. However, applicants should allow ample time for the necessary vetting procedures. The concept note should include but not limit to the following:

1 Program/project name 2 Objectives
3 Implementation duration 4 Target beneficiaries
5 Key deliverables 6 Budget summary
7 Intended impact and outcomes 8 Self evaluate method

Funding Application

We will invite NGO, school and education institution to fill out an application form should the Foundation find the initial proposal concept a viable one in line with our vision and mission. Full guidelines for the funding application will be provided when we make the invitation.

Vetting by the Board

Funding applications are discussed and vetted by Board of Directors on a regular basis throughout the year. We will inform applicants the results at the earliest possible time to ensure that the approved proposals will be implemented in a timely manner.

Vetting Criteria
The following criteria will be used in evaluating funding applications:

1. Meeting the Foundation’s mission and core values

2. Meeting educational needs
There is a demonstrated demand for the services outlined in the proposal.

3. Approach
The proposal adopts an innovative approach in addressing or meeting the needs of the schools and/or target teachers and students.

4. Deliverables
There are clearly defined output and outcome measurement and/or performance indicators.

5. Cost-effectiveness
The services and project/program will be operated in a cost-effective manner.

6. Organization’s capacity
The organization should:
●possess a good reputation and track record operating its services in an efficient and effective manner.
●possess proven experience, expertise and manpower resources to deliver the proposed project/program.
●have an established governance structure to ensure compliance with the Foundation’s requirements on monitoring and reporting.

7. Prior collaboration (if any)
The Foundation’s prior funding experience with the organization.

8. Alternative/other funding source or/and other support
The fund-raising capabilities of the organization.

9.  Other criteria deemed appropriate and necessary

Project Implementation

Notification Letter
Once the funding application is approved, the grantee will receive a notification letter setting out the terms and conditions of the grant.

Cost Overrun
The grantee should be responsible for covering any cost overrun of the project/program. The Foundation may consider, but is not obligated, to provide additional funding on cost overrun if satisfactory justifications are provided. The additional funding would be subject to approval of the Board.

Monitoring and Reporting
We believe that the key to the successful implementation of a project/program relies on an effective partnership between our collaborators and us. Therefore, during the implementation period, we will arrange on-site observations and meetings. We will also request progress updates, mid-term and/or final reports and evaluation data, etc. to ensure the appropriate use of the grant.

Capacity Support
We will also offer professional advice and guidance to organizations which require specific expertise and knowledge for project/program implementation. We value the opportunity to help collaborating organizations enhance capacity, enrich resources and build meaningful networks.

The Foundation’s contribution should be appropriately acknowledged by the grantee.